Hike Now, Wine Later

IMG_0673.JPGWhile the weather forecast might be calling for snow this evening (really?!), we are still excited about Spring being right around the corner!  The cold winter left us longing for warm weather, spring flowers, hikes and bike rides, and obviously– spring winery visits in the sunshine!  Last year we discovered the perfect way to enjoy spring on a budget and we are beyond excited to get outdoors and experience some new adventures this season!

DSC_0874.jpgSo here’s the scoop: In an attempt to stay active, save some money, and still get to enjoy a winery every now and then, we started a new tradition last spring (and even gave it a fun hashtag…we know…we’re cool)– Hike Now, Wine Later!  It’s really quite simple and self-explanatory; first we hike, then we drink wine.  When you think about it, it really makes perfect sense as the two activities go hand-in-hand.  The benefits of #hikenowwinelater are plentiful:

  1. You get to be outside during one of the best seasons for Virginia (apologies to severely allergic peeps).
  2. You get to soak up the great outdoors in our backyard– there is the Appalachian trail, Great Falls, Bull Run Mountain, Shenandoah Park, Shenandoah River, Harpers Ferry, Manassas Battlefield, Old Rag, Sky Meadows State Park, George Washington & Jefferson Forests, the list goes on and on.
  3. After your hike, you get to hop in the car and drive down the road to the nearest winery (we always make an effort to go somewhere new).
  4. You can take in the views from the winery, enjoy a tasting, have a glass, and chat with friends.
  5. You get to kick up your feet and relax after your workout.
  6. And, one of the best benefits– you can do it all for only a few bucks!
While a tasting will end up costing you  little bit of dough (typically somewhere between $8-$12 depending on where you end up), and the occasional hike you might go on could have an entrance fee to the park, it’s really a great deal for spending your day in the heart of the Virginia outdoors.  Burn some calories, breathe in the natural air, sip some antioxidants, and go home feeling healthier, happier, and physically and mentally refreshed!  Another bonus?  For all the dog lovers out there, it’s the perfect afternoon for your pup– a long walk followed by a frolic through the vineyard and a long nap at the winery!

DSC_1614.jpgLooking for some of our recommended #hikenowwinelater combos?  Look no further!

Check out some of our favorite hiking spots and wineries!

  • Haymarket/ Warrenton:  Bull Run Mountain Conservatory & Pearmund Cellars (woof) or The Winery at La Grange (woof)
  • Clifton: Hemlock Overlook & Paradise Springs Winery (woof)
  • Manassas: Manassas Battlefield & Bull Run Winery
  • Leesburg: Sugarloaf Mountain, Balls Bluff Battlefield Regional Park & Fabbioli Cellars (woof), Winery 32 (woof), Stone Tower Winery (woof+), The Barns at Hamilton Station (woof+)
  • Purcellville:  Harpers Ferry & 8 Chains North (woof+), Sunset Hills (woof), Breaux (woof+), Hillsborough (woof)
  • Delaplane: Sky Meadows State Park & Delaplane Cellars, Aspen Dale Winery at the Barn (woof+)
  • Town of Washington: Old Rag Mountain & Little Washington Winery, Early Mountain Vineyards, Gadino Cellars
  • Front Royal: Shenandoah National Park & Rappahannock Cellars (woof)
  • Charlottesville: Skyline Drive, Doyles River, Riprap Trail & King Family Vineyards (woof), Veritas Vineyards (woof), Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyard (woof), Trump Winery (woof)
    • woof= dog friendly on the property only
    • woof+= dog friendly on the property and inside the tasting room (always call before to double check!)
Enjoy and make sure to hashtag the #!!! #hikenowwinelater

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