Hi!  We’re Amy and Alli and welcome to Virginia Winos!


A few years ago we fell in love with Virginia Wine Country.  Since then, we have visited over 100 wineries across the state, sampling award winning varietals and uncovering the passion behind the wine.  The unique terroir, skilled winemakers and beautiful scenery have put Virginia on the map as one of the emerging wine regions taking the world by storm.  Our love of Virginia Wine Country inspires us to learn more about the world of wine.  We watch documentaries and read articles and books, we talk with winemakers and industry professionals and we learn through our personal experiences.  We’re constantly tasting new wines, examining the flavors down to the root and waiting for that moment when a glass of wine hits all of your senses in a perfect pattern– the sound of the bottle opening; the sight of the wine as it touches your glass; the swirl of the wine opening up the hidden aromas; and finally, the taste of the wine as you take your first sip.  Wine is truly a beautiful experience.

We hope you enjoy reading about our experiences and we encourage you to create your own.  Cheers!


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Top 100 Wine Blog
Virginia Winos was recognized as one of the Top 100 Wine Blogs in the country in 2016!

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