An Early Morning in the City: Cherry Blossoms & Northside Social

It has been a bit of an unpredictable winter/early spring for the DMV this year.  We won’t go into our views on climate change (except that it’s real), but we do want to share some photos from the awesome morning we had in the city yesterday!


The annual Cherry Blossom Festival in DC brings tourists from all over the world to our nation’s capitol to get a glimpse of the beautiful white and pink blossoms surrounding the tidal basin.  With the crazy weather this year, it was unclear how many blossoms would survive and when they would finally peak.  Luckily, almost half of the blossoms were not affected by the weather and made it to peak bloom!    We woke up at the crack of dawn yesterday to capture some sunrise photos and beat the rush into the city– it was well worth it.

DSC_2978 copy

DSC_3006 copy


DSC_3047 copy




After snapping lots of photos and dodging tourists and dozens of tripods we decided to make our escape before it was too late.  We worked up an appetite and decided to venture over the bridge to our old stomping ground in Arlington for a bite and some caffeine at on of our favorite local spots, Northside Social Coffee & Wine.  This cute coffee and wine bar serves us some fabulous dishes, offers a full-service brunch and has an adorable patio right in the heart of Clarendon.

DSC_3226 copy

DSC_3222 copy

DSC_3218 copy

DSC_3221 copy

Hands down, best avocado toast we’ve had in a while!  Cheers!

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