An Afternoon @ Union Market

union market

Each month we make a point to venture downtown and explore the city.  This weekend, we took advantage of a sunny afternoon and swung by Union Market for an afternoon of wine-ing, snacking and instagraming.

For those who may not be familiar, Union Market is an eclectic gathering place in Northeast DC which features local artisans and showcases the region’s unique food and drink.  Once a thriving fresh food market from the late 1870’s to the 1930’s, Union Market has been revitalized into what is now home to a collaborative event space for artists and entrepreneurs, a pop-up Angelika movie theater, unique retailers and shops, and an array of diverse cuisine.  While the surrounding area is still largely being developed, Union Market offers a great opportunity to experience the culture and history of DC.  Next time you have a free weekend make sure you spend a few hours enjoying a coffee, a delicious bite, and a glass of wine or a local craft beer at the market.  Don’t forget your camera–part of the agenda calls for wandering the surrounding streets to capture the instagram-worthy street art!

Never Give UpzebraDSC_2563



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