Adventure Farm Winery

Over the last few weeks, despite our chaotic summer schedules, we managed to make our way to a few off the beaten path wineries in the region.  The first of these was a stop on our return trip from Charlottesville.  Taking some back roads for a more scenic drive home, we stumbled upon Adventure Farm Winery right by the Charlottesville Airport.  Adventure Farm is actually located in Earlysville, and is a family owned and operated farm that recently expanded to include the vineyard and tasting room.  The farm still operates and plants several other crops including corn, potatoes, soybeans, pumpkins, and hay, as well as an abundance of livestock– cattle, goats, pigs, and chicken (they sell the meats in the tasting room).  They even offer a large Fall Festival on the property (probably more enjoyable now that there is wine!)

The vineyard was planted in 2006 and produces Chardonnay, Viognier, Chambourcin, Petit Verdot, Tenat, and Cab Sauv.  The tasting room is open Fridays-Sundays from 12pm-6pm with extended hours on Fridays until 9pm featuring live entertainment.  The tasting room and grounds make the for the perfect outdoor experience– from the airy and open quality of the small tasting facility, to the large covered patio and the view of the mountains in the distance — it’s becoming quite the popular destination for locals looking for a relaxing Friday evening.

We stopped in right at opening on a Sunday afternoon and pretty much had the place to ourselves.  We were lucky enough to enjoy our tasting with one of the owners who kept us entertained with her lovely personality and calm demeanor.  She shared with us stories of the farm and family and explained in detail what she was looking to create with each wine we sampled.  Similar to many new wineries, Adventure Farm uses an experienced wine-maker to produce their supply.  Adventure Farm Winery works with Michael Shaps to produce their wines, but sets themselves apart by offering distinct input and direction on what they are looking to achieve.  We have tried many Michael Shaps wines in the past, and these were by far some of the best.

On our visit we sampled the Chardonnay, Viognier, Rose, and Gigi’s Red Blend (Chambourcin & Cab Sauv.).  We enjoyed all of their wines and felt they were made with passion and care.  The wines were smooth, flavorful, well-balanced, and offered nice diversity on the palate.  After our visit, they launched their 2014 Sparkling Brut (Chardonnay) which we are excited to return to try!

We have to say, for a relatively new winery, this place has all of the qualities that make a destination great.  Overall, we highly recommend adding this winery to your next Charlottesville itinerary.  Perhaps plan to stop by on a Friday night with a picnic and settle in for some live music to unwind after the week.  We will definitely be back to enjoy the wine, chat with the customers and locals, and perhaps purchase some local produce from the shop!

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